Concierge Care

DMS Concierge Care


What is Concierge Care?

Dysphagia Management Systems’ Concierge Care for Speech Pathology Services is designed for the patient and family that wants and needs access to the DMS experts over a specific period of time. DMS developed the Concierge Care model for not only its patients who travel to Sarasota for comprehensive testing by this nationally recognized team, but also for those patients whose needs are more comprehensive because of their diagnosis. Concierge Care provides ‘first in line’ attention to the patient’s needs, with on-call hours for issues that may develop. Office visits are set aside for our Concierge Care patient’s immediate needs, and Home Visits and Telepractice sessions are provided for these priority patients.


How is Concierge Care Billed?

All Concierge Care Services are provided as a private pay contracted service. For those patients who have Medicare, all of your Speech Pathology Services are billed directly to Medicare and the additional services provided by the Concierge Care Team are provided by private pay contracted service. For those who have private insurance, documentation will be provided to the patient, should you wish to submit them to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.


How Much does it cost?

Upon initial diagnosis and therapeutic planning, your DMS Speech Pathologist will review the recommendations for rehabilitation with you. At that time and according to your specific needs, you will be presented with a Concierge Care Option. Just as your specific rehabilitation needs are unique, so is the plan that will be developed specifically for you. The menu of services that are available receive will be reviewed, and you can determine what level of service fits with your therapeutic need and budget requirements.


Can I do a combination of Office Visits, Home Visits and Telepractice?

Yes! The Concierge care options include all settings. These are the choices you will make with your menu of services and recommended therapy intervention. The total cost of your Concierge Care Service will depend on these selections.


Who do I contact in order to explore this service for Me or my family member?

Call the DMS Office at 941-556-9141 during the hours of 8:30-5pm – Monday through Friday, or at 855-693-7822 after hours.