DMS At Home

DMS At Home is a Speech Pathology intervention program that was developed for patients who return home from the hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility with risks of complications. Researched and developed over more than seven years, the program covers all aspects of dysphagia, with a special focus on cognition and reflux. Avoiding repeat hospitalization with stabilization is the goal.

DMS At Home includes speech-language-voice-cognition-dysphagia evaluations and swallowing instrumentation over the course of four patient care visits. Because the cognitive system’s functions are paramount to lowering risks, the DMS Speech Pathologist focuses on the functional probability that the patient can be in charge of any and all aspects of their own recovery, and plans goals accordingly.
The DMS At Home program works in collaboration with the Staff SLP or can function independently in the home setting or in areas where staffing is an issue. The recommendations, trainings, and patient management program can be written for the caregiving aide who is then trained by the DMS SLP in risk-reducing care.

Collaboration with nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and case managers assures increased stability and optimum recovery for the patient. Home health care companies that recognize the need for this type of Speech Pathology intervention will outperform their competitors in functional outcomes and will significantly reduce repeat hospitalizations.
“I developed this program in order to better serve the patient who wishes to rehabilitate at home AND stay at home. If we do our jobs well, we should be able to eliminate the rebound back to the hospital for preventable conditions related to cognition and dysphagia.”

Carol G. Winchester, MS SLP CCC
President and Founder of DMS, LLC