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At DMS, we provide on-site dysphagia management services through a procedure called the Dysphagia Systems Test (DST).

Your patients can receive a DST without having to leave their environments or being exposed to X-rays or barium.

With more than 20 years of experience, we can assess your patients to help reduce a variety of symptoms and issues.

  • Aspiration complications
  • Respiratory complications
  • Choking hazards
  • Decubitus ulcer development
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Chest pressure while eating or drinking
  • Nutritional issues
  • Wet, gurgling or weak voice
Our DST procedure offers numerous benefits for you and your patients.

  • Performed by a clinically-privileged speech-language pathologist
  • Allows for complete diagnosis and immediate on-site dietary recommendations
  • Includes a full-color view of the swallowing structures
  • Identifies soft tissues, secretions and reflux not visualized on an MBS
  • Costs substantially less than an MBS
  • Performed in the patient’s environment using the same facility food that he/she consumes daily

Use DMS to improve the comfort, care, and quality of life for your patients suffering from the affects of dysphagia.

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