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How do I know if my patient is appropriate for a DST Evaluation?

Answer these 10 questions to find out if your patient is at risk.

1. Does the patient have noticeable difficulty with meds and meals? YES I NO

2. Does the patient have a continuing problem with congestion? YES I NO

3. Does the patient complain of ‘trouble swallowing’ or of food getting ‘stuck in the throat?’ YES I NO

4. Has the patient recently had a stroke, having difficulty with talking and dysarthria? YES | NO

5. Has the patient recently been running a low grade fever, or spiked a fever in conjunction with congestion or diminished breath sounds? YES I NO

6. Does your patient have a history of aspiration pneumonia, or just having finished at least one round or antibiotics for congestion, bronchitis, or pneumonia? YES I NO

7. Has your patient been experiencing diminished eating/drinking, recently lost weight, or experienced dehydration?   YES I NO

8. Does your patient have a G-tube in place, yet still coughs, gurgles, or is running a low grade fever with or without congestion? YES I NO

9. Does your patient clear his/her throat constantly after or while eating or drinking, while a productive cough seems absent? YES I NO

10. Has your patient had a trach or been on a vent? Does your patient presently have a trach or vent and you are considering initiating or upgrading feeding status? YES I NO

If the answer to one or more of the above 10 questions is “yes,” it may be appropriate to alert your Care Team to this patient’s risks of dysphagia. Please discuss this patient with your facility team to determine if this patient’s risk factors warrant further evaluation. If the physician determines that a DST is appropriate, contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Please call the referral line  Toll Free Phone/Fax 855-MY DST-CA(RE) (855-693-7822) to schedule your DST or to get more information about the appropriateness of the DST for your patient.