The DST vs MBS

The Dysphagia Systems Test vs. The Modified Barium Swallow
Comparing the Standards of Care

No No All patients with swallowing problems are appropriate.
Yes No The introduction of the barium medium is necessary for exam.
No Yes Food from the patient’s tray is used for the exam with only the introduction of green food coloring as the medium to better view aspiration/penetration/residue in swallowing.
Yes No The patient must be able to cognitively cooperate during exam.
No Yes The patient may be tested in any position, including lying down, sitting in a wheelchair or geri-chair, or sitting in bed.
No Yes Patients may be tested in their room with family present for exam.
No Yes Costs are all-inclusive in one charge.
Yes No Costs can include transportation, speech therapy, x-ray room, barium, radiology and nursing charges.
Yes No Exam gives a flat lateral view of the swallowing mechanism, which can be aimed below the vocal folds for esophageal function.
No Yes Exam gives a multi-dimensional view of the pharynx/larynx, which can directly view aspiration prior to and following the swallow, and detect residue of aspiration during the swallow. The endoscope is positioned above the glottis with a view to the tracheal rings below the glottis.
Yes No Contractures and positioning are issues toward completion.
No Yes Patient weight and size are not determining factors as to whether the examination can be completed.
No Yes Trach and vent patients are easily tested without risking aspiration of any medium, and without transporting them or the additional equipment from the patient room. The patient can be monitored by respiratory/nursing during exam.
No Yes Recommendations can be shared with family and staff immediately following the procedure.